EFT – The Emotional Freedom Technique

Published in Anxiety Panic Attacks on 27th June 2009

EFT If you have consulted doctors and therapists in an effort to free yourself from the debilitating effects of panic attacks, but you have been unable to obtain the relief you seek, there is good news – a simple strategy called the Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT has been shown to quickly and easily reduce or eliminate debilitating panic attacks and anxiety.

Many people have found that traditional methods for dealing with the symptoms of panic attacks and anxiety are rather ineffective.  Counseling and talk therapy can take weeks or even months to produce any meaningful results – plus, relatively few therapists possess a sufficient understanding of panic disorders to provide effective guidance.

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Likewise, obtaining relief from panic attacks through the use of medication is a hit and miss proposition.  There are a variety of medications available to deal with anxiety; however, no single medication works for every person who suffers from panic attacks.  To add to the problem, all of these drugs have the potential for uncomfortable and dangerous side effects which can leave you feeling even worse than before you started taking medications.

Brad Yates EFT

Rather than relying on traditional therapy for medication to alleviate the symptoms of panic attacks, EFT instead focuses on relieving symptoms by harnessing the power of your body’s energy systems.  In a way, EFT is similar to acupuncture and that it targets specific energy points in your body, and stimulates those points to release tension and promote an overall feeling of tranquility.

Unlike acupuncture, however, EFT does not require the use of needles or other invasive techniques.  Instead, practitioners of the emotional freedom technique use the strategy of gently tapping key energy points to unlock their power.

The power of EFT can benefit people who suffer from a wide variety of physical and emotional conditions, including anxiety disorder.  The benefits of EFT are twofold – it not only serves to calm the mind and free you from feelings of anxiety and stress; it also effectively reduces physical pain and muscle tension.  Both the physical and the emotional benefits of EFT work to reduce the frequency of your panic attacks.  Also, when you do find yourself in a situation that causes you anxiety, EFT can help you reduce the severity of a panic attack – often, you will be able to stop the attack as soon as you find yourself becoming stressed or anxious.

It is important to note that the benefits of EFT are cumulative – the more you practice this technique, the stronger its effects will become.  However, it is possible to enjoy some immediate relief from your panic attack symptoms using the emotional freedom technique. You can notice an instant decrease in the level of your anxiety and stress – and over time, you will gain more and more control over your symptoms.  It is not uncommon for a person to virtually eliminate his or her panic attacks within a matter of weeks.

Also, it is possible to use EFT techniques on yourself – there are numerous books and guides available that will tell you how to find and stimulate your energy points.  However, for maximum benefit, it is best to consult a qualified EFT practitioner – you will often obtain results more quickly, and without the stress of learning how the emotional freedom technique system works.