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Product Reviewed: Easy Calm

Are you looking for a way to rid yourself of the debilitating effects of panic attacks, without spending weeks in counseling or taking a cocktail of harsh medications?  There are a number of systems and programs available to help you manage anxiety and stress; however, Easy Calm provides one of the simplest and most comprehensive methods for coping with anxiety.

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Easy Calm Review:

Easy Calm is a system developed by Jon Mercer, who personally suffered from panic attacks for over two decades.  The system takes a no-nonsense, straightforward approach to managing anxiety, and gives you the tools you need to quickly rid yourself of panic attacks forever.

Jon has personally coached clients all over the world using the Easy Calm system, and recently decided to make the entire system available on his website.  His coaching experience has enabled him to provide instruction in a logical, easy to understand manner – he gives tips and techniques that you can begin using right away to banish anxiety from your life, and to begin enjoying day to day activities again.

Many of the self-help systems for dealing with panic attacks that are available online are presented in e-book format.  Of those many are quite lengthy, and can take quite some time to get through – thus, it can take weeks or even months to receive the full benefit from many of these systems.  Easy Calm, in contrast, is presented entirely in video format.  This not only decreases the amount of time needed to learn all of the techniques that comprise the system, but it also helps individuals with different learning styles to grasp and retain the material quickly.

For example, some people learn best by “seeing” the information, rather than simply reading it.  The Easy Calm videos are designed to help the visual learners quickly absorb the material through the use of PowerPoint type slides and other visual anchors.  Likewise, auditory learners will benefit greatly from being able to hear the material, as the tips and techniques that make up this system are narrated on the videos as well.

In all, there are over three hours of video content in the Easy Calm system. You can get through the material in the span of an afternoon, so you can begin implementing the techniques taught in the system right away.

Also, when you order Easy Calm, you will not have to wait for DVDs to be shipped to you.  All of the videos are immediately available in digital format, so you can simply download them to your computer and watch them at your convenience.  This is important for many anxiety sufferers – when you finally decide you are ready to face and Spanish your panic attacks, you want to do it today, not weeks from now.

To get a good idea of how the Easy Calm system works, you can go to Jon’s website and watched the first video session for free.  Although this 27 minute video is an introductory session, it contains a wealth of information that can help you get you started on the path to recovery from panic attacks.  After you have viewed the first video, you can purchase the Easy Calm system for much less than the cost of therapy or medications.